episode thirty five

December 25, 2018

It's our special Christmas edition. Are you alone over the holidays? Well, we hope we (along with our good chums from Normalizing Non Monogamy) can keep you company. We catch up and talk about some of our funny experiences in the lifestyle (so there's some old stuff and some new stuff). Need some support? Email us at bedhoppersuk@gmail.com, reach Fin and Emma at https://www.normalizingnonmonogamy.com or find some more resources at www.blurtitout.org www.thecalmzone.net www.mhaustralia.org www.mind.org.uk www.samaritans.org www.samaritans.au www.samaritansusa.org www.verywellmind.com  ...Wherever you are and whatever you do, we hope you have a great holiday or, at the very least, we've been able to help! Much love, Mr and Mrs H. PS - Thanks for hopping into our Santa sack!