bed hoppers - swinging in the UK

bh53: Dublin up and down

August 25, 2019

Welcome to episode fifty three! In this jam packed (but at the same time rambling and sprawling) epic we talk about some adventures to Dublin and how things didn't quite go to plan. Don't panic though, we do sort our shit out. After talk of sexy times with sexy couples, we answer some listener questions about body image and transitioning to lifestyle sites.

There's singing, laughter, issues, resolutions and so much more. We don't even talk about how we were able to catch up with, friend of the show, Barney. Hey Barney - good to see you!

So, if you'd like to meet us, come and see us at PCAP (see twitter for more info) in Miami. Get in touch at too. OR check out our insta - though be warned, there are a lot of dog pictures there.

Until then - thanks for hopping into our bed!

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