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bh59: room 101 or what grinds our gears

November 3, 2019

It's the much talked about Room 101 episode! Thanks for downloading the bed hoppers podcast, by the way. In this one we (well, mostly Mrs H) have a moan about what grinds our gears in the lifestyle. From bad pics to hairy dicks, we cover a huge range of things that tick us off!

If you sent in a room 101 moment - thank you. If you did and we forgot you, sorry! If you thought of one and didn't send it in but now want to - well that's life, sorry. You can still send it to us at bedhoppersuk on Twitter or find us on and Double Date Nation.

Thanks for hopping into our bed!


PS - apologies to Jason Momoa and anyone else we lovingly offended in this episode...

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