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bh50: our top 50 learnings and Sharing is Caring

July 14, 2019

Welcome to episode fifty! Wow. That's quite a lot of episodes. If you've made it this far - well done and thank you! This edition is quite the special one. But, before we tell you what's in it, there's a quick update on our home lives. 

Unfortunately Mrs H's father suffered a stroke just after we had recorded this episode. At the time of publishing we're still in and out of hospital and are not sure what the future holds. With this in mind, we haven't spent as much time on this episode as we'd have liked - having edited much of it in waiting rooms and on the hoof. Still - getting it out there has given us a slice of normal - so we felt it important to publish as it.

We want to offer a huge thank you to our lifestyle friends who have been nothing short of incredible with their support and love. You folks are amazing. 

As for the content? Well there's our top fifty things we've learned (cut reasonably down to five each), Mrs H reading a naughty story and a lovely little interview with some special guests; Kiwi and Cherie from the Sharing is Caring podcast. Thank you to both for taking the time to visit and for being on the show.

We hope you enjoy it and that it makes you smile as much as it did us when we were working on it. Thanks for hopping into our bed. Mr and Mrs H xxx

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