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bh96: OnlyFans with Soleofanangel and Curious Kitty

February 28, 2021

Thanks for downloading our podcast. In this episode we explore OnlyFans and interview the delightful duo of Soleofanangel and get to know Curious Kitty too. We quiz them on why they got started, what the experience has been like and what the future holds.

It's a fun little look into the world of OnlyFans and what it means to be a content producer. Find them on Twitter @soleofan and @curiouskitty345. Check them out now!

Also - in the show we mention that we've been nominated for an award on the ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards show. If you'd like to vote for us (or, indeed anyone else) - here's a link:

Next time around we'll be talking to the Nerdy Introverts about OnlyFans. Check them out in advance of the show - @introvertsnerdy and @hnerdyintrovert

Thanks for hopping into our bed!


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