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bh74: bed hoppers FAQ off - how do I come up with a great online profile?

May 3, 2020

Thanks for downloading the bed hoppers podcast. This episode kicks of a series of features called 'bed hoppers FAQ off!' where we attempt to answer the most popular questions we get sent with some special guests.

This weeks' question is...

How do I come up with a great online profile?

This one is all about coming up with a great online profile - and covers everything from pictures, profile details, messaging and more.

We invite sexy chums Dave and Andi from Doubledate Nation to talk through their top tips and try to solve one of the top questions we get asked.

Find out more about them at (use bedhoppers as a promo code to get three free months), follow them on Twitter at @datenation or see them on YouTube by looking for the Celibate Swingers. 

Thanks for hopping into our bed!

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