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2018 is dead. Long live 2019!

January 2, 2019

Wow. 2018 was a rollercoaster of a year for the two of us.

We launched a podcast. We made amazing new lifestyle friends and connections. We met listeners (and they were as awesome as we’d hoped). One child moved out of the house and the other decided to stay for a little bit longer - curses!.

We lost family members (Mr H’s grandparents seem to be dropping like flies).

mrs-h.pngWe went to Desire in Mexico - which was amazing. We met some of our heroes. We went on other people’s shows! We got a hot tub, which we think gives us extra lifestyle points. Mr H finished the Spider-man game at 100% (#lifegoals) and Mrs H continued to catch Pokemon.

We had guests to stay, we went on adventures and we continued to fuck things up and make mistakes (all while talking about our sexy dates).

In short - we literally folded it in throughout 2018. And we could not have done much of this without your support oh gentle listener. Thank you for sticking with us, getting in touch, rating us and, well, pretty much everything.

We learned a lot about ourselves this year - from our approach to the lifestyle and what works for us to how we cope when the shit hits the fan. It’s crazy to think that we’re now in our second year in this crazy adventure (and our podcast is swiftly approaching it’s first anniversary). We’re glad to say that we’ve never been stronger and that our communication has never been better.


So, what does 2019 hold for the bed hoppers?

Well, January looks pretty full already with some sexy plans in place - we have a huge social event to go to in Bristol in a week or so and we have a naughty little hotel meet later in the month. In March we’re going to a really swanky mansion take-over party thing - which will mean dressing up all smart and stuff - nice!

We’re going to continue our plan to visit many of the UK clubs and review them - along with meeting new people along the way. We’ve got one or two in the bag already and can’t wait to share them with you.

We’re having some real discussions about how much of our lives we reveal. How hidden do we remain - and how much do we share. Is there more we could do to help the community both in the UK and across the globe?


Of course, Mr H will continue to change our Twitter logo - so there’s that to errrr look forward to, too!

We also suspect that we will continue to Pokemon and look forward to a spate of amazing movies and TV this year too (Captain Marvel, Avengers, Star Wars and Game of Thrones we’re looking at you).

We loved our sexy photoshoot in Desire - so we think we’re gonna see if we can do some more of these in the UK. If we do, we’ll be sure to share some of the results - unless they are too raunchy, of course.

Our vague single guy thoughts are drifting in and out too - so there’s also that to consider. That’ll involve pulling our finger out - so who knows when that’ll happen.

We’ll also try our hand at some other new things too - like writing some blogs every now and then.  

And finally there’s our friends. We’ve made a lot of new friends in 2018 and we want to see as many as we can this year. So that means plenty more travel - both at home and around the world. We’ve got a few trips that we’re working on and hope to share our plans in the near future.


That's all folks... 

So, that’s about it (or at least all that springs to mind right now). Whatever your plans for the rest of 2019, we wish the very best for you, your friends and family. Thank for hopping into our 2018 bed - it’s time to change the sheets and get 2019 going with a bang!

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