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bh98: Jealousy, envy and FOMO with HisCockHerTail

March 28, 2021

Thanks for downloading our show. In this episode we speak to amazing chums LV and Vanilla Ice (HisCockHerTail off of Twitter, Fab, Insta and other places) about jealousy, envy and FOMO in the lifestyle.

The conversation takes a look at a few different angles - from being possessive over other play partners, moments of jealousy we didn't expect and what's the difference between all of these things anyway!

We Suckleback around on a few things too. If you've experienced moments of jealousy, FOMO or envy - get in touch and let us know about them. Write to us on Twitter (bedhoppersuk) or email us (

Get in touch with LV and VI at HisCockHerTail pretty much everywhere.

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Thanks for hopping into our bed.

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